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Harvest Deferral Carbon Credits – We Can Help!

This blog is for landowners who have timber property. “Carbon Credits” can be obtained for these owners who agree to defer harvesting for a period of one-year or longer. In turn, companies who are attempting to reduce their “carbon footprint” (e.g. obtain carbon neutrality) are purchasing the credits from qualified timber owners. To date,

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Millions of Texans are experiencing electricity insecurity during this unprecedented winter storm. How tragic. I genuinely hope and pray that there are no deaths and that our economy is not terribly disrupted. I am fearful my prayers will not be answered in the affirmative. There will be plenty of blame and finger-pointing, and, hopefully, good

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Rethinking the Drafting of Oil and Gas Leases (the price of glue)

Long ago, oil companies purchased oil and gas leases with a 1/8th royalty, a ten-year primary term, annual delay rentals of $1.00 per acre, and on pre-printed forms (usually called Producers 88s). My, how times have changed! Bonuses, of course, are significantly higher. Primary terms are shorter and much language in the lease is

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Last month I wrote a short blog on the hazards of investing in oil and gas well ventures, which are often unregulated investments free from any scrutiny by the Securities and Exchange Commission. If it is an unregulated investment, the sole remedy if you are “bamboozled” is to go to court. Regulated securities, namely stock

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BIO: The Wilhelm Law Firm, consisting of Edward Wilhelm and Jack Wilhelm, provides a broad range of legal services to oil and gas well operators, mineral estate and royalty interest owners, mineral and royalty buyers and sellers, and oil and gas landmen. We also assist surface estate developers, including but not limited to, solar panel

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What to do when your oil and gas operator goes bankrupt

In case you haven't noticed, the price of oil has tanked. As the price of WTI continues to hover under $40, things are probably going to get worse before they get better. So what happens when royalty owners, working interest owners, and overriding royalty owners receive notice that their operator has gone bankrupt and how

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Receivership Oil and Gas Leases and the Case of “Ill-Advised Oil Company”

This is a special blog due to an experience I recently had over an oil and gas receivership lease. TEX. CIV. PRAC. & REM. CODE §64.091 et seq. provides a method whereby oil companies, who are unable to locate missing mineral estate owners and their heirs, may obtain a “receivership lease” from the missing mineral

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Well, the price of oil is up a "bit" today. Here is a good reminder when drafting those "nasty" indemnity clauses: In every purchase and sale agreement, there is an indemnity clause. Indemnity clauses, which appear in many, many contracts and many, many types of contracts, are drafted to relieve one party to the contract

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Acquisition of Oil & Gas Properties: Being the Preferred Seller/Buyer in a Disrupted Market

In today's disrupted oil and gas industry, expect to see a number of "emergency" business transactions. Our abilities to be effective in our negotiations may make a big difference for our clients. While this blog focuses on buying and selling oil and gas properties - it is applicable to all business transactions and negotiations. This

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