For oil and gas companies, property owners, and other entities with interests in oil, gas, and other mineral rights in Texas and Louisiana, ensuring a clear title is a crucial early step in the process of extraction. To mitigate the risk of costly disputes, purchasers and lessees must be as certain as possible that sellers and lessors have the rights they are planning to transfer.

Examination of title in the Permian Basin, East Texas (Haynesville Shale), Texas Panhandle, north Texas (Barnett Shale) South Texas (Eagle Ford), south Arkansas, North Arkansas (Fayetteville Shale), north Louisiana (Haynesville Shale), southwest Louisiana, East Baton Rouge Parish, Louisiana (Tuscaloosa trend).


  • Real estate title disputes
  • Real estate eminent domain
  • Royalty disputes
  • Disputes over joint operating agreements
  • Breach of contract and partnership disputes
  • Purchase agreement disputes
  • Pipeline easement disputes.

Title Examinations For Mineral Property Rights In Texas and Louisiana

We provide comprehensive title examination services for determining ownership of mineral rights throughout Texas and Louisiana. From reviewing title records and abstracts to tracing transfers through probate and other means of inheritance, our attorneys work diligently to ensure that our clients have a clear picture of the lineage of the ownership rights in question. We examine all available sources of evidence to determine whether the seller or lessor has a marketable title, or whether curative measures will be necessary.

Legal Representation For Property Owners Facing Title Defect Issues

In addition to representing oil and gas companies and other corporate clients, we also represent Texas and Louisiana property owners who are facing disputes related to mineral rights title defects. If an oil and gas company has suspended payment based upon a claimed title defect, we can determine whether the company’s claim is accurate and whether curative measures are necessary. If there appears to be a defect in your title, we can pursue appropriate curative measures on your behalf. Additionally, if necessary, we can represent you in filing a claim with your title insurance company or in dispute resolution proceedings with a prior owner or another third party.

Why Choose Wilhelm Law

Our senior attorney, Jack Wilhelm, has been practicing law for over 40 years and most of his practice has focused on oil and gas. 50% of Jack’s practice is Oil & Gas support to operators, large landowners, and non-operating working interest owners. Jack has been licensed for over 42 years and is licensed in Texas, Louisiana, Arkansas, and Illinois.

Edward Wilhelm is licensed to practice law in Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, and North Dakota and focuses his practice on oil and gas law, probate, wills, and estate planning, commercial litigation, and representing foreign businesses that invest in oil and gas activities. His oil and gas work focus on the real estate side (oil and gas title examinations, acquisitions, and divestitures of oil and gas interests, due diligence, and commercial negotiations).


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