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Powers of Attorney are regularly given to third parties, empowering the holder of the power (“agent”) to perform various legal acts on behalf of the grantor (“principal”). The grant can be expansive or restrictive, so it is always important to review the document creating the agency relationship, usually referred to as a Durable Power of Attorney. This blog is not about that but  is issued to assist the holder of the power has properly executed documents and had his/her signature properly notarized (jurat). This comes up all the time where real estate transactions, including deeds and oil and gas leases, are concerned.

So, here is what to do-  Ann Wilhelm, planning on being out of town for an extended period and planning to sell a piece of real estate during that absence, grants a durable power of attorney in favor of Jack Wilhelm, authorizing him to sell the real estate in question. In fact, Jack does just that.

Here is the signature block:



By:  Jack Wilhelm____

Jack Wilhelm, as Agent and Attorney-in-Fact for Ann Wilhelm


STATE OF TEXAS                                             :


COUNTY OF _________________         :


SWORN TO AND SUBSCRIBED to this _____ day of ___________________, 2023, by Jack Wilhelm, in his capacity as agent and attorney-in-fact for Ann Wilhelm.



SEAL                                                                          Notary Public, State of Texas

Print Name:______________________

My Commission Expires:____________


Note, Jack Wilhelm signs his name, not that of Ann Wilhelm; and the notary accepts the swearing to of Jack Wilhelm, not Ann Wilhelm.

As a caveat, I know of no law that requires the notary to review the instrument creating the power of attorney. However, obtaining a copy and doing a cursory review is always a favor to the client.

by Jack M. Wilhelm

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