This blog is for landowners who have timber property. “Carbon Credits” can be obtained for these owners who agree to defer harvesting for a period of one-year or longer.

In turn, companies who are attempting to reduce their “carbon footprint” (e.g. obtain carbon neutrality) are purchasing the credits from qualified timber owners.

To date, revenues have not been dramatic, but that could change. The market is in its infancy. And anyway, every little bit helps.

We can help. For the small fee of $250 we can help you determine whether your timber properties qualify for carbon credits, and, if so, how many. Then we can help you qualify and market your credits. Our fees for marketing are flexible (either fixed hourly fees or commission-based).

If you are interested in pursuing this economically advantageous and environment friendly option, contact us at (512) 236 8400 or by email at

by Jack M. Wilhelm

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