WRITING WELL! The Annual Refresher!

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WRITING WELL!  The Annual Refresher! By the way, check out our new website.  We think it is neat and we would like your feedback. Every now and then, something stimulates me to check my writing style.  A subscription to The Economist magazine entitled me to listen to a podcast on how to improve your writing

ESTATE PLANNING: Choose Your Fiduciaries Carefully.

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By the way, check out our new website.  We think it is neat and we would like your feedback. Several months ago, I wrote a short blog on the need to have an experienced attorney assist in the preparation of your will.  Of course, that still goes for a myriad of reasons: Your attorney should

SON OF A TRUST! Another Trust Fiasco – Words Have Consequences

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By the way, check out our new web-site.  We think it is pretty neat and we would like your feedback. WE ARE NOW IN THE PROCESS OF “FIXING” ANOTHER “BROKEN” TRUST AGREEMENT!  This is another of one of my regular rants on poorly thought through trust agreements.  I have “ranted” on them before. Trust Agreements

Harvest Deferral Carbon Credits – We Can Help!

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This blog is for landowners who have timber property. “Carbon Credits” can be obtained for these owners who agree to defer harvesting for a period of one-year or longer. In turn, companies who are attempting to reduce their “carbon footprint” (e.g. obtain carbon neutrality) are purchasing the credits from qualified timber owners. To date,


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Millions of Texans are experiencing electricity insecurity during this unprecedented winter storm. How tragic. I genuinely hope and pray that there are no deaths and that our economy is not terribly disrupted. I am fearful my prayers will not be answered in the affirmative. There will be plenty of blame and finger-pointing, and, hopefully, good

JUST DO IT! Being an estate executor or administrator is hard work!

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This blog is directed towards estate executors and administrators.Long, Long Ago, in a Galaxy Far, Far Away, I could call local banks, identify myself as a local attorney and get all sorts of information for my estate clients. Grandpa had passed away – please give me his account numbers, the value of the accounts, and,

Rethinking the Drafting of Oil and Gas Leases (the price of glue)

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Long ago, oil companies purchased oil and gas leases with a 1/8th royalty, a ten-year primary term, annual delay rentals of $1.00 per acre, and on pre-printed forms (usually called Producers 88s). My, how times have changed! Bonuses, of course, are significantly higher. Primary terms are shorter and much language in the lease is

Last Minute Tax Strategy – Doing Good and Saving on Taxes!

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If you are like me, you find the holiday season to be a busy time. Interspersed between buying Christmas gifts, receiving Christmas gifts, and spending time with family and friends, I find myself making last minute donations to my favorite charities. Here is a neat little trick – avoid capital gains taxes by giving stock


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While I could focus on many things, today I want to focus our firm’s commitment to our clients. As an Illinois attorney, I am constantly reminded of the many fine attributes of Abraham Lincoln, who in addition to being a great president was probably the greatest Illinois lawyer. A recent article, from which I am

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