As our clients know, our focus is always on our clients. Our offices are “ultra” private and “ultra” accessible. Additionally, we are a “paperless” office with the ability to work anywhere in the world (we actually confirmed that by working in Italy last fall). Indeed, we were made for this “Covid-19” moment.

But importantly, you need to know that our offices are “ultra” safe.

Having only three people in the office, we are exercising social distancing, avoiding crowds and restaurants, and generally self-isolate. We do not travel on planes or other public transits. And it goes further. Our office has a private access and ground level parking. Stated another way, our offices –

1. Do not require the use of an elevator

2. Do not require the use of an enclosed parking garage

3. Do not require entry through an enclosed “common” area.

Because we are a “paperless” office with sophisticated internet and telephone access, few clients actually need to visit in person. In those instances where clients need to actually come to the office, we have a comfortable front porch where social distancing and masks can be fully utilized to minimize the risk of the spread of COVID-19.

While we cannot assure your safety, we believe that our offices, as configured and consistent with our behavior, provide the safest health care environment of any of our competitors. We do this for you – the client.

We always place the client first!

by Jack M. Wilhelm

Edward Wilhelm and Jack Wilhelm provide assistance to a broad range of clients, from individuals to Fortune 50 companies.

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